Saudi reserves plunge as kingdom struggles with Covid-19 pandemic & oil-market rout

Saudi Arabia’s foreign reserves fell sharply in April, after it transferred 150 billion riyals ($40 billion) to the sovereign-wealth fund to provide investment opportunities amid the pandemic-triggered financial fallout. Read Full Article at

Justice for… Thaddeus Kosciuszko? Polish envoy enraged after DC protesters vandalize statue of national hero

The chaotic protests rocking Washington DC have caught the attention of Poland, after protesters targeted a statue of an Eastern European military hero and statesman. Read Full Article at

‘He was about peace’: George Floyd’s brother speaks out against riots, pleading ‘channel your anger elsewhere’

Street violence isn’t the way to secure justice for George Floyd, who stood for peace and was “a gentle giant,” the slain Minnesotan’s younger brother said, urging rioters to stop destroying their own communities. Read Full Article at

'Gutless corporate-driven drivel': Michael Jordan statement on George Floyd death meets with mixed reaction

As the United States recovers from another night of social unrest in the wake of the death of George Floyd, NBA icon Michael Jordan has lent his support to the cause - though for some his statement stirred yet more anger. Read Full Article at

‘Use chains, not rope’: Archaeologist ignites outrage after posting advice on ‘how to PULL DOWN racist obelisks’

A blue-tick verified Egyptologist has offered “advice” to rioters in US cities on how to “safely” pull down obelisks for “anyone who might be interested,” drawing both abject disbelief and admiration on social media. Read Full Article at

Spiked editor reignites Brexit feud & slams EU Remainers as ‘hysterical’ over Cummings lockdown saga

Brendan O’Neill, the editor of Spiked, has provoked the wrath of EU Remainers after suggesting many of them are suffering from ‘Cummings-derangement syndrome’ as they seek Brexit revenge on Boris Johnson’s chief advisor. Read Full Article at

'The most promising drug against Covid-19 in the world': Avifavir to be delivered to Russian hospitals in June

Russia's newly approved drug for combating Covid-19 will soon be supplied to the country's hospitals, with the first deliveries expected on June 11. Trials have shown the medication to be highly effective in fighting the virus. Read Full Article at

Cops beat suspected looter caught inside Manhattan shoe store (VIDEO)

It appears that the NYPD has adopted a zero-tolerance policy towards looters. A video shows a group of cops using strong-arm tactics against a protester who they nabbed inside a burglarized shop in Lower Manhattan. Read Full Article at

America is CHRONICALLY ILL with racism, Beijing proclaims, as George Floyd rallies blight US cities

The death of African-American George Floyd at the hands of Minnesota police is a symptom that is sufficiently acute for the US to be diagnosed with “a chronic disease” of racism, China’s foreign ministry has declared. Read Full Article at

'Is this sh*t even about George Floyd anymore?': Enraged UFC champ Jon Jones takes on protest vandals (VIDEO)

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones took the law into his own hands as he tackled vandals in downtown Albuquerque, New Mexico, amid continued unrest across the US following the death of George Floyd. Read Full Article at

Applauds & cheers as Portland riot cops kneel in solidarity with anti-police-brutality protesters (VIDEO)

Clad in full riot gear, a squad of Portland officers gallantly took the knee in front of a demonstration over George Floyd’s death, garnering applause and creating an atmosphere of unity with the crowd. Read Full Article at

Iran will carry on sending more fuel to Venezuela if requested by Maduro govt

Tehran is ready to continue fuel shipments to crisis-stricken Venezuela if its government requests that it does so, the Foreign Ministry said, as an Iranian tanker flotilla unloaded its cargo in Caracas’s ports. Read Full Article at

Americans have had enough of system 'putting knees on our necks,' Blues star Toronzo Cannon tells RT amid nationwide riots

People are out on the streets because they feel unheard and sidelined by those running the country, Blues musician Toronzo Cannon told RT, as nationwide protests rage after George Floyd's death at the hands of police. Read Full Article at...

Trump hid from protesters in UNDERGROUND BUNKER, claims NYT, triggering trend

Haters of US President Donald Trump had a field day after media allegations that he was whisked away to an underground bunker as hundreds of protesters gathered on Friday in front of the White House. Read Full Article at

Last tanker in Iranian flotilla reaches Venezuela, outmaneuvering US sanctions

The tanker ‘Clavel,’ the last of a five-tanker Iranian flotilla, has made it to Venezuela’s shores to deliver much-needed gasoline. The final delivery comes just two days after the previous cargo arrived. Read Full Article at

Master-level trolling? Iranian Foreign Ministry tweets US protest photo with ‘rise up’ Martin Luther King quote

After being repeatedly broadsided by Washington’s incendiary regime-change rhetoric, Tehran is now returning the favor. Iran’s Foreign Ministry seems to be urging Americans to “rise up” against their government. Read Full Article at

Daughter of NYC Mayor de Blasio arrested at violent Manhattan protest – reports

As New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio calls for peace to return to his city’s streets, it appears that his own daughter might be part of the problem. She was arrested for protesting in Manhattan, according to reports. Read Full Article at

WATCH protesters deface, tear down Confederate statue in Birmingham, Alabama

A statue of Charles Linn, a founder of Birmingham who fought for the Confederacy, has been torn down in the center of the city amid rioting. A Confederate obelisc in the same park may become the iconoclasts’ next trophy. Read Full Article at

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