Police raid PSG office amid allegations of ethnically preferable recruiting policy
Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) head office has been searched by police after allegations of discrimination were brought against the club claiming that its scout department selected players in accordance with ethnic preferences. Read Full Article at RT.com

China plucks Canada Goose caught in crossfire of Huawei arrest
Canada Goose stock saw a dramatic plunge after Chinese social media reportedly urged the country’s consumers to boycott the world-famous brand amid the recent detention of Huawei finance chief by Canadian authorities. Read Full Article at RT.com

Sun’s mesmeric shapeshifting atmosphere revealed in stunning timelapse VIDEO
Recent headlines have been dominated by far-flung, water-carrying asteroids and interstellar probes, but The European Space Agency (ESA) has shared a video that reminds us of the majesty present much closer to home. Read Full Article at RT.com

Man of steel: Chinese factory worker miraculously survives being impaled on spikes (GRAPHIC PHOTO)
A 49-year-old Chinese man was working the night shift at a factory when, without warning, a machine malfunctioned, crushing him under a mechanical arm and impaling him on ten spikes; a certain death, or so his colleagues thought. Read Full Article at RT.com

Strasbourg gunman cried 'Allahu Akbar' - prosecutor
Strasbourg gunman, identified as a 29-year-old who has a criminal history, shouted “Allahu Akbar,” according to public prosecutor. Read Full Article at RT.com

‘A reminder we are at war with Islamism’: French politicians react to Strasbourg shooting
After the latest deadly shooting on French soil with apparent terrorism connections, French politicians reacted to on social media. Amid an outpouring of support for the victims, some questioned France’s anti-terrorism policies. Read Full Article at RT.com

Beijing warns against ‘bullying’ its citizens amid ongoing US-Huawei saga
In an apparent message to Washington, China has warned against “bullying” its citizens and “creating new opponents,” after the Huawei CFO was arrested in Canada on a US warrant. Read Full Article at RT.com

Strasbourg shooting: Latest on Christmas market attack
A picturesque Christmas market in the French city of Strasbourg has become the scene of a deadly shooting, two years after a similar holiday venue in Berlin was targeted by a terrorist. Here’s what we know so far about the attack: Read Full Article at RT.com

Red gold: Afghanistan’s booming & blooming saffron may become alternative to opium poppy trade
Afghan authorities want to provide farmers with an alternative means of income, other than growing opium, by turning to the world’s most expensive spice. Read Full Article at RT.com

Strasbourg attack not a govt conspiracy to undermine Yellow Vests – Interior Ministry official
The Strasbourg shooting, which claimed two lives on Tuesday night, was not a secret government ploy to undermine the mass protests gripping France for weeks, contrary to rumors online, a senior official has said. Read Full Article at RT.com

4.4 magnitude earthquake hits parts of Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas
A 4.4. magnitude earthquake has struck parts of Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas, according to local media reports. A secondary quake was also recorded. Read Full Article at RT.com

Born in Strasbourg, 2yrs in prison: What we know about suspected Christmas market shooter
A shooting at a Christmas market in Strasbourg that left three people dead and 13 others wounded was carried out by a man with a substantial criminal record who had been flagged as a security risk, French authorities say.
Read Full Article at RT.com

Russia’s largest Arctic LNG project kicks into high gear
Independent Russian gas producer Novatek announced the launch of the third train of its Yamal LNG (liquefied natural gas) Arctic project. Built in record time and on budget, the plant has now reached full capacity, the firm says. Read Full Article at RT.com

Arctic mega bridge opens to traffic in Norway… thanks to China (PHOTO, VIDEO)
Norway has officially opened the longest suspension bridge above the Arctic Circle. The 1.5 kilometer span was built in cooperation with a Chinese company. Read Full Article at RT.com

Nuclear power becomes critical to Arctic dominance
Small Modular Reactors could become crucial to power remote outposts and vessels as the Arctic race heats up. Read Full Article at RT.com

UK PM Theresa May to face a vote of no confidence in her leadership on Wednesday
Read Full Article at RT.com

Police op underway in area around Strasbourg Cathedral – Reuters
A police operation is underway in an area around Strasbourg cathedral after a gunman killed three people and wounded 13 more at a Christmas market hours earlier, Reuters reports. Read Full Article at RT.com

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