Russia extends counter-sanctions against US, EU & allies through 2020

President Vladimir Putin has signed a law prolonging the embargo against Western countries that have imposed anti-Russia sanctions. Restrictions will be in force until the end of next year. Read Full Article at

2 Eurofighter jets crash into each other over Germany - reports

Two German Eurofighter jets have crashed in the north-eastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, the Interior Ministry has confirmed. The planes have allegedly fallen in a residential area, according to the German media. Read Full Article at

Indian hero pilot’s facial hair must be declared ‘national mustache’ – Congress leader

Viral sensation and national hero, Indian Air Force (AIF) pilot Abhinandan Varthaman, is back in the headlines after the leader of the Indian National Congress called for his facial hair to be declared the ‘national mustache.’ Read Full Article at

‘Unprofessional’: Olympic champ Alina Zagitova’s coach accused of stealing US dancer’s moves

American dancer Jojo Gomez has accused Daniil Gleykhengauz, a coach of Olympic champion figure skater Alina Zagitova, of copyright infringement claiming that he ‘stole’ her choreography. Read Full Article at

Bitcoin’s back! BTC blows past $11,000, up almost 300% this year

Bitcoin soared above the $11,000 mark on Monday, reaching a more than 15-month high. The world’s most popular cryptocurrency hit $11,234 during early trading, nearly tripling in value since January. Read Full Article at

Beijing could blacklist FedEx as ‘unreliable entity’ after another Huawei delivery screw-up

American courier FedEx has apologized for failing to deliver a package to the US which contained a Huawei smartphone. The incident, which is not the first of its kind to affect Huawei, was explained as an “operational mistake.” Read Full Article at

NFL star Cam Newton DENIED as he offers airline passenger $1,500 to switch seats (VIDEO)

They say that every man has a price, but perhaps that's not so true on the 6:30pm flight to Carolina as the Panthers' 6ft 5in QB Cam Newton was shot down in his attempt to pay a fellow passenger to switch seats for extra legroom. Read Full Article at

Tory MPs could bring down a Boris Johnson govt that backs ‘no-deal’ Brexit – defense minister

A defense minister in Theresa May’s cabinet has warned Boris Johnson that if he pursues a ‘no-deal’ Brexit as UK PM, he and many other Tory MPs would vote to bring down his government if a no-confidence motion were called. Read Full Article at

Japanese zoo’s utterly bizarre lion escape drill goes viral (VIDEO)

Footage of a Japanese zoo conducting a bizarre safety drill, featuring a staff member dressed as a lion and a drive-by shooting, has gone viral. Read Full Article at

'We had to put it all aside': O.J. Simpson reflects on the race divide during his NFL career

O.J. Simpson's foray into social media has seen him sharing his take on various issues around sport, and his latest Twitter video is no different, as he spoke about the issue of race in the NFL during his playing days. Read Full Article at

Billionaire Arkady Rotenberg discusses Putin friendship & Western sanctions fight in rare interview

Russia can’t rely on the West or China if it wants to become a world-leading economy, construction tycoon Arkady Rotenberg – often described as one of Vladimir Putin’s closest confidantes – told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze. Read Full Article at

Down the yellow brick road: China buying gold & dumping dollar assets as trade war with US escalates

Gold prices rallied to six-year highs last week and continued posting gains on Monday at $1,403 per ounce. China boosting its gold stockpile, to shift away from the US dollar, has added to the precious metal’s resurgence. Read Full Article at

Land rocks, smoke billows into sky as huge blaze engulfs ammo depot in Kazakhstan (VIDEO)

A massive fire erupted at a military base in Kazakhstan, which serves as an ammunition depot. Residents of a nearby town are posting apocalyptic videos of the disaster, showing powerful blasts and smoke billowing from the site. Read Full Article at

‘I went home devastated’: Sick Gazan newborns die alone in hospital as mom denied access by Israel

A Gazan mother told RT that Israel denied her access to her three ill newborn babies because her travel permit expired. Instead, she learned by phone that two of her kids died, and waited months to see her surviving daughter. Read Full Article at

Aussie broadcaster sues feds over raid triggered by Afghan war crimes report

Australian public broadcaster ABC has asked a court to invalidate a search warrant that was used to raid its head office in relation to its reporting of crimes allegedly committed by the country’s troops in Afghanistan. Read Full Article at

‘They tried hard, but failed’: Iran foiled all US attempts to carry out cyber-attacks

Iran successfully prevented US cyber-attacks that targeted its infrastructure, the country’s information minister said after Washington was reported to have crippled Tehran’s missile control sites with a retaliatory cyber-strike. Read Full Article at

Musk ridiculed for tweeting picture of Moon with ‘Occupy Mars’ catch

Netizens have torn into SpaceX CEO Elon Musk for touting a colonization of Mars with a picture of the Moon during a lunar eclipse. While some suggested an egregious mistake, others argued Musk was just taunting the US President. Read Full Article at

Oregon GOP troll Democrats with ‘siege’ of Capitol Building while ditching vote on divisive bill

Oregon GOP official twitter account has been mocking Democrats as Republican senators have been escaping a legislative session in order to sabotage a climate bill. Police were ordered to bring in rebel lawmakers amid protests. Read Full Article at

Swamp creatures: Leaked docs of Trump transition team show ‘opposition to torture’ is 'red flag'

Former CIA Director David Petraeus was considered for the Secretary of State, but there were “red flags”: he was against “torture” and “military solution in Syria”, according to leaked vetting documents of Trump’s transition team. Read Full Article at

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