‘How is that non-news?’ Lee Camp REVEALS why MSM choose to ignore Honduras & Brazil unrest

Americans are bombarded with non-stop news on Hong Kong and Moscow rallies, but how come mass protests in Honduras and Brazil aren’t high on the agenda? Lee Camp looks at why the US corporate media are keeping mum on the subject. Read Full Article at RT.com


UK seaside town tries to quench hot passions with water-spraying anti-sex toilets

Public bathrooms being used for sordid activities have become such a problem in the Welsh town of Porthcawl that authorities are investing in anti-sex toilets that sound alarms and spray water when occupants try to get busy. Read Full Article at RT.com


Steele dossier ‘pumped myths’ into the US justice system – former Trump adviser Carter Page

The former MI6 agent credited with launching Russiagate concocted dangerous lies and myths that made a mockery of the US justice system and misled the American people, former Donald Trump campaign adviser Carter Page has told RT. Read Full Article at RT.com


Thousands of communists rally for fair elections in Moscow (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A throng of left-wing activists gathered in the heart of Moscow, demanding fair elections and social justice. The rally took place on the heels of massive opposition protests that have been hitting the city for three weekends. Read Full Article at RT.com


Lionel Messi set to win UEFA Men's Player of the Year as results leak online

After being overlooked in last year's race for the Ballon d'Or, Lionel Messi may have to make some room in his trophy cabinet after an online leak suggested he is in pole position to be named UEFA Men's Player of the Year. Read Full Article at RT.com


UFC 242: Khabib v Poirier to be broadcast free-to-air on Russian state 'First Channel'

The much-anticipated UFC lightweight title showdown between champion Khabib Nurmagomedov and Dustin Poirier in Abu Dhabi on September 7 will be available to Russian audiences free of charge on the state 'First Channel.' Read Full Article at RT.com


Nine injured as fireworks display goes terribly WRONG in France (VIDEOS)

Nine people were injured after a fireworks display went horribly awry during a holiday celebration in southern France. Footage of the accident captured the moment when the malfunctioning pyrotechnics rained down on onlookers. Read Full Article at RT.com


Nuke hashtags? Elon Musk takes aim at social media ‘abomination’

Hashtags may still reign supreme on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter but a scathing interjection from none other than tech entrepreneur Elon Musk just might undermine their hegemony. Read Full Article at RT.com


Kashmir is ‘definitely a nuclear flashpoint,’ Pakistan Armed Forces spokesman warns

Tensions between Pakistan and India over the disputed territory of Kashmir could spark a nuclear conflict, Pakistan’s military spokesman said. The warning comes amid reports of more fighting along the Line of Control between them. Read Full Article at RT.com


China prepares its 'nuclear option' in trade war

As the trade war continues to escalate, China is becoming increasingly active in Iran and is considering retaliating with what has long been described as the country’s ‘nuclear option’. Read Full Article at RT.com


400 holidaymakers evacuated as tourist ferry STRIKES ROCKS en route from Ibiza

A Spanish ferry packed with hundreds of tourists and their cars has run aground on her way from Ibiza and Majorca, setting off a dramatic rescue effort throughout the night by coast guard and other emergency services. Read Full Article at RT.com


Phone lines and internet partially restored in Kashmir as India eases two-week lockdown

More than 50,000 landline have been made operational in Kashmir as India begins to lift communication restrictions imposed on the disputed territory. 2G mobile internet was also restored to five districts. Read Full Article at RT.com


Doomed comet’s fiery death caught on VIDEO as it plunges into the Sun

An ill-fated comet’s death-plunge into the fiery surface of the Sun has been captured on video by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) space telescope. Read Full Article at RT.com


US slashes Pakistan’s aid by $440mn amid Kashmir tensions

The United States has cut Pakistan’s foreign aid by $440 million, according to reports, sending mixed signals as Donald Trump seeks mediation between New Delhi and Islamabad over the crisis in Kashmir. Read Full Article at RT.com


WATCH China’s new commercial-use rocket delivers 3 satellites into orbit

A Chinese carrier rocket designed for commercial use has made its maiden flight, carrying three satellites into orbit. State media released footage of the successful launch. Read Full Article at RT.com


Russian satellites may soon become INVISIBLE from Earth

Russia’s space agency claims to have found an unconventional way of equipping its satellites with stealth features, effectively making them hard to spot from Earth. A special wrap may be the solution, they say. Read Full Article at RT.com


‘Just fake news’: Huawei VP rejects WSJ report of employees spying on African politicians

Huawei has never engaged in hacking activities, the company’s vice president of strategy, Andrew Williamson, told RT after a report claimed its technicians helped African governments to snoop on political opponents. Read Full Article at RT.com


Japan may offer its Fukushima robots to US for denuclearization of North Korea – report

Japan has offered the US its best nuclear-cleanup robots – designed for Fukushima – for use in dismantling North Korea’s nuclear facilities, hoping to remain in the loop as Washington and Pyongyang talk denuclearization. Read Full Article at RT.com


Snopes roasted after posting 'study' claiming 28% of Republicans think Babylon Bee articles are real

“Fact-checking” site Snopes has been vindicated in its decision to fact-check satire by a study proving people (especially Republicans) often mistake satirical site Babylon Bee for real news. Or has it? Claim rated: mostly false. Read Full Article at RT.com


Good thing your grandma won’t see you! Trump trolls Tlaib over refusal to visit Israel

US President Donald Trump has took another swipe at Rep. Rashida Tlaib, saying that the “only winner" of her decision to pass on an Israeli invitation to visit on “humanitarian grounds” was her 90-year-old Palestinian grandmother. Read Full Article at RT.com


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