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Trump asks pastor jailed in Turkey to be ‘great patriot hostage’ for US
President Donald Trump tweeted on Thursday that the US will “pay nothing” for the release of a jailed American Pastor in Turkey, but would punish Ankara if he is not released.
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'You never had to say her last name' – Larry King pays tribute to the late Aretha Franklin
Broadcast legend Larry King has paid tribute to the late ‘Queen of Soul,’ Aretha Franklin, who passed away on Thursday aged 76.
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Accused ‘Russian agent’ Butina subjected to excessive strip searches in US jail – embassy
The Russian Embassy in the US has accused American authorities of subjecting jailed Russian gun activist and ‘agent’ Maria Butina to cruel and inhumane treatment, including unwarranted strip searches.
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Trump’s grand military parade postponed until next year
An extravagant military parade planned by President Trump for November in Washington DC has been put on hold until next year. The parade was reportedly set to cost more than $90 million.

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Handicapped kid removes prosthetic legs to win street fight (VIDEO)
A video shared by UFC Heavyweight Derrick Lewis shows a handicapped boy remove both of his prosthetic legs, before unleashing the mother of all MMA beatdowns on his opponent in a street brawl. Read Full Article at RT.com

Fake bomb threats force several Chilean planes to make emergency landings
At least three planes from two Chilean airlines have been forced to make emergency landings over bomb threats, Chile’s Civil Aviation Authority said.
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'Surprise guest' Putin ruffles feathers with plan to attend Euroskeptic Austrian FM's wedding
From security arrangements to choice of present to geopolitical implications, Western media is fascinated (and alarmed) by Vladimir Putin's decision to call in on the wedding of Karin Kneissl – and some have demanded she resign. Read Full Article at RT.com

Colombians told to avoid sex to survive heatwave
With temperatures soaring in Colombia, locals in one city may soon need cold showers for more than one reason. They are being told to stay cool by avoiding sex.
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Bye bye bikini: Miss Germany follows US to kill ‘swimwear’ category
Contestants in the Miss Germany beauty pageant will no longer strut their stuff in skimpy bikinis, as organizers will remove the ‘swimwear’ category. Organizers say the contest will now focus on “personality.”
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New Roscosmos chief says Russia mulls reusable rockets, slams Elon Musk for ‘killing competitors’
Russia may develop reusable first stages for its rockets, which would likely land horizontally rather than in the style of SpaceX’s Falcons, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has said. He also had words for SpaceX boss Elon Musk. Read Full Article at RT.com

Yes, The Big G is following you: Google admits it tracks users when location history is turned off
Google has confirmed that it still tracks users even after they turn off the “Location History” setting on their device. It comes just one day after the practice was revealed by an AP investigation. Read Full Article at RT.com

Teen fakes her own kidnapping to get $400 from father
A Kentucky teenager has been accused of going to extreme lengths to get some spending money from her father. Police say she staged her own kidnapping and demanded a $400 ransom.

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Antifa clashes debate: Same as ‘Batman using violence to prevent greater violence’? (VIDEO)
Following CNN host Chris Cuomo’s controversial statement that "all punches are not equal," which prompted accusations that he supports Antifa violence, RT has hosted a debate on whether brute force is sometimes justified. Read Full Article at RT.com

‘Sanction waves’ from Washington are ‘illegitimate & useless’ – Russian Foreign Ministry
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5 months of Skripal saga: Russia’s envoy to UK talks zero evidence, wild theories & sanctions
The Skripal saga has given fertile ground for media speculations and for a string of new anti-Russia sanctions, while the probe failed to yield any evidence in five months, Russian envoy to the UK Alexander Yakovenko told RT. Read Full Article at RT.com

US Olympic gymnasts Kocian and Ross join long list of Larry Nassar accusers
Madison Kocian and Kyla Ross have detailed the abuse they suffered at the hands of disgraced gymnastics national team doctor Larry Nassar, saying they were inspired to do so by the dozens of victims who have come forward so far. Read Full Article at RT.com

US creates Iran Action Group to ‘change regime’s behavior’ (WATCH LIVE)
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Arrest warrant issued for husband of UFC fighter after alleged domestic assault
Donny Aaron, who was criticized in June after it became known he has a swastika tattoo, is currently wanted by US police after allegedly assaulting his wife, UFC flyweight Andrea Lee. Read Full Article at RT.com

Sweden needs a vote on EU membership, says nationalist politician
The leader of the anti-immigration Sweden Democrats has pledged his party’s support for a referendum on the Scandinavian country’s membership in the European Union. Read Full Article at RT.com

Chinese Boeing 737 crash-lands at Manila airport – reports
A Xiamen Airlines plane has crash landed at Manila Airport in the Philippines, according to AirLive. Read Full Article at RT.com