Fervent Poles crucify US envoy on Twitter for wishing them happy Passover on Good Friday
The US Ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher has wished Jews a happy Passover in Polish – then faced a backlash from Twitter users wondering if she might have forgotten that Poland is a Catholic-majority country. Read Full Article at RT.com

NINTH bomb is defused at Sri Lanka airport as police arrest 13 after Easter Sunday terror spree
A ninth explosive device, a six-foot pipe bomb found at Colombo International Airport in Sri Lanka, has been successfully defused, following a series of deadly terrorist attacks that killed over 200 people on Easter Sunday. Read Full Article at RT.com

‘Why was warning ignored?’ Sri Lankan minister tweets intel letter from 10 days before bombings
A letter warning of imminent terrorist attacks and sent to security forces 10 days prior to the Easter Sunday bombing spree in Sri Lanka has been made public, raising questions as to whether law enforcement failed to act on it. Read Full Article at RT.com

Russia cautiously hopeful as newcomer Zelensky promises to ‘reboot’ E. Ukraine talks
Some top Russian officials have expressed cautious hopes that the imminent presidential victory of Volodymyr Zelensky might improve the situation in Ukraine – and relations with Moscow. Others, however, remain quite skeptical. Read Full Article at RT.com

US & Europe react to Poroshenko’s defeat by comedian Zelensky in Ukraine
As early results show West-backed President Petro Poroshenko looks certain to be defeated by comic Volodymyr Zelensky, US and EU officials have queued up to congratulate the political rookie, all looking for “strong partnership.” Read Full Article at RT.com

Ukraine’s president-in-waiting Zelensky vows to end conflict in Donbass with ‘POWERFUL INFOWAR’
Comedian-turned-politician Volodimir Zelensky, set for a landslide win in Ukraine’s presidential vote, stayed true to character at his first press conference, dropping some flashy promises but refusing to go into boring detail. Read Full Article at RT.com

‘Intelligence failure’: Sri Lankan govt too focused on past, not ready for new threats – analysts
A series of devastating terrorist attacks that claimed the lives of more than 200 people are partially a result of the Sri Lankan security services’ inability to adapt to new security challenges, analysts told RT. Read Full Article at RT.com

Assange arrest shows Moreno ‘CIA asset,’ turning country into ‘vassal’ state – Ecuador’s former FM
The decision of Ecuador’s government to terminate Julian Assange’s asylum is “savagery” and has heavily damaged the dignity of the county, which caved in to the US as if it was its “vassal,” former FM Ricardo Patino told RT. Read Full Article at RT.com

'That was a dive AND a penalty': Mohamed Salah earns spot-kick as Liverpool go top at Cardiff
Fans - and reporters - online were split as Mohamed Salah won his fifth penalty of the season in Liverpool's 2-0 win over Cardiff City as the Merseyside club returned to the top of the Premier League. Read Full Article at RT.com

Comedian Zelensky celebrates win over Poroshenko in Ukraine presidential vote
Ukrainian comic Volodymyr Zelensky is set to win the presidency in a landslide victory over incumbent leader, Petro Poroshenko, exit polls show. Zelensky has already been visited by police over violating one election law. Read Full Article at RT.com

A bad sign for Tesla bulls? Top Tesla investor slashes stake
Funds managed by T. Rowe Price, which was until recently the second-largest shareholder in Tesla after Elon Musk, significantly cut their holdings in the electric vehicle (EV) maker in the past six months. Read Full Article at RT.com

World leaders express deep condolences to Sri Lanka following deadly blasts
Condolences from world leaders have been pouring in to Sri Lanka in the wake of a series of devastating attacks that hit the island nation during Easter celebrations. Read Full Article at RT.com

'This performance was rancid': Gary Neville explodes after Manchester United thrashed 4-0 at Everton
Former United star and coach Gary Neville pulled no punches in his post-match assessment of Manchester United's performance after they were hammered 4-0 by Everton at Goodison Park. Read Full Article at RT.com

Easter tragedy: What we know so far about the deadly attacks in Sri Lanka
Seven suspects have been identified and arrested as the death toll from the horrific church and hotel attacks in Sri Lanka climbed to over 200, with no group claiming responsibility. RT sums up what we know so far of the tragedy. Read Full Article at RT.com

Grief in Tenerife: UFC star Darren Till arrested for stealing a taxi in Canary Islands [REPORTS]
British UFC welterweight star Darren Till has been named as part of a group of tourists who were arrested after a taxi was stolen and a hotel room was trashed in the Tenerife region of Costa Adeje, according to local reports. Read Full Article at RT.com

Sri Lanka bombing crackdown: 3 police killed in raid, several suspects in custody
Sri Lankan authorities have taken seven suspects into custody, who they believe may be connected with a series of bombings on Easter Sunday. Three police officers were reportedly killed in the raid. Read Full Article at RT.com

Sri Lanka bombings evoke ghosts of past violence after decade of peace
A series of deadly bombings in Sri Lanka became one of the worst acts of violence the country has seen in over a decade. The last time such high profile attacks happened were during a protracted civil war with separatist militias. Read Full Article at RT.com

'I would never quit': Amir Khan criticized after being pulled out of Terence Crawford bout
Amir Khan's tilt at Terence Crawford's WBO welterweight world title ended in controversial circumstances when the British boxer was pulled out of the fight after a low blow mid-way through the contest. Read Full Article at RT.com

Sri Lankan officials ‘caught off guard’ by Easter Sunday attacks — analyst
While it’s early to draw conclusions, it seems clear that Sri Lankan authorities were unprepared for a series of deadly terrorist attacks, political and geo-strategic expert Javed Rana told RT. Read Full Article at RT.com

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