India set to eclipse US with global economic growth share by 2024

India is expected to become a much bigger driver of global growth than the world’s current largest economy, the US, in just five years, according to Bloomberg calculations based on International Monetary Fund (IMF) data. Read Full Article at

Whoops, sorry! Hong Kong protesters leave apologetic graffiti after vandalizing ‘wrong’ bank (PHOTOS)

Protesters in Hong Kong have been targeting Chinese banks in an attempt to send a message to Beijing – but the tactic has led to a slight mishap after a Hong Kong-based bank had its windows smashed. Don’t worry, they said sorry. Read Full Article at

Just dropping by: Incredible scenes as man PARACHUTES onto pitch in middle of Sassuolo vs Inter Milan Serie A match (VIDEO)

The Serie A clash between Sassuolo and Inter Milan had an unexpected guest as a man parachuted onto the pitch toward to the end of the first half. Read Full Article at

Menstrual cycles are for everyone? ‘Always’ removes female symbol from sanitary pads following trans activists’ complaints

Women’s products maker Always is at the center of a fresh feminist v transgender skirmish, after caving in to trans activists’ outrage and removing the ‘discriminatory’ Venus symbol from its packaging. Read Full Article at

‘Destroying women's sports’: Fury after transgender cyclist Rachel McKinnon defends world title

Canadian transgender athlete Rachel McKinnon defended the women’s sprint title at the Masters Track Cycling World Championships, causing outrage on social media as many labeled the win “unfair” and “discriminatory.” Read Full Article at

Pope’s ‘eRosary’ tech bracelet can be corrupted by data-stealing demons

Hackers clearly have little regard for papal infallibility as they have devilishly exposed that the Vatican’s new ‘eRosary’ bracelet can easily be corrupted by data-stealing demons. Read Full Article at

Protesters hurl petrol bombs at police station as Hong Kong descends into chaos (VIDEOS)

Masked activists threw Molotov cocktails at a police station during the latest anti-government demonstration in Hong Kong. Riot cops used tear gas to try to restore order to the city’s besieged streets. Read Full Article at

Golden shield: Russian bullion reserves will protect country against slump in oil prices

Russia can withstand a sharp drop in crude prices thanks to its sufficient gold holdings and the government’s efforts to reduce reliance on energy resources, Russian Finance Minister Anton Siluanov has said. Read Full Article at

Vegas high roller: Russian quad-jumping sensation Shcherbakova steals show at 2019 Skate America in Las Vegas

Russian quad-jumping prodigy Anna Shcherbakova made a brilliant comeback at the season-opening Grand Prix event in Las Vegas, rising from fourth place to win the women’s event at 2019 Skate America. Read Full Article at

Man Utd preparing for new multibillion-dollar takeover bid from Saudi crown prince – reports

English football giants Manchester United are expecting Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to step up his efforts to buy the club after having a previous bid of almost $4 billion rejected, according to reports. Read Full Article at

Brexit won’t be delayed despite extension request, UK government ministers insist

Ministers are insisting that the UK will leave the European Union by the current Brexit deadline of October 31, despite the government being forced by parliament to ask the bloc for an extension. Read Full Article at

Syria’s Raqqa province begins reviving destroyed oil & gas fields

Recovery works have started at liberated oil and gas sites in Raqqa province in northern Syria, as well as in the area between the governorate and Hama and Homs provinces, local field management has said. Read Full Article at

Coming back to another warzone: US troops leaving Syria will find ‘home’ in… western Iraq

Donald Trump recently insinuated that troops stationed in Syria would be returning home, but it appears that more than 700 troops leaving the country are actually destined for another Middle East warzone: Iraq. Read Full Article at

India says 2 soldiers & 1 civilian killed in Pakistani attack on Kashmir border post

The Indian military has accused Pakistan of a ceasefire violation in Kashmir that killed two of its soldiers and left one civilian dead. Islamabad says India killed six civilians in the cross-border skirmish. Read Full Article at

First F-35 landing on Royal Navy’s new aircraft carrier goes awry after pilot trips and falls on his FACE (VIDEO)

The historic first landing of an F-35 on the deck of the Royal Navy’s brand new aircraft carrier, HMS ‘Queen Elizabeth,’ experienced a slight hiccup after the triumphant pilot slipped and fell flat on his face. Read Full Article at

‘Hillary’s gone Crazy!’ Russia puppet Trump (almost) blows his cover standing up for Russian assets Gabbard & Stein

US President has openly admitted to being a Russian asset (well, not really, but who cares)! In his latest tweet, Donald Trump sympathized with Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein, whom Hillary Clinton accused of being the Kremlin tools. Read Full Article at RT...

‘Iranian threat’ gives Israel ‘fundamental right, even obligation’ to bomb Syria, Iraq or whomever it wants – Pompeo

Israel should not be constrained by international borders or laws if it feels under threat – and can always rely on US support – US State Secretary Mike Pompeo said following his meeting with Israeli PM and the chief of Mossad. Read Full Article at RT....

Chile military declares curfew, president vows to reverse transport fare hike after mayhem in Santiago (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

The general in charge of security in Santiago has declared a curfew in the capital and its suburbs, after president Sebastian Pinera tried to deescalate flaming tensions, promising to scrap the controversial metro ride price hike. Read Full Article at...

‘Russians will have a fight on their hands!’ Alaska governor vows to thwart ‘independence referendum & annexation’ in prank call

Governor Mike Dunleavy said he was aware of Moscow’s plan to stage an independence referendum to reclaim Alaska, and promised to arrange a gold nugget for the visiting Ukrainian leader, in a phone call with Russian pranksters. Read Full Article...

Russian youngster Rublev beats Cilic to seal spot in Kremlin Cup final

Andrey Rublev defeated Croatia’s Marin Cilic to book a spot in Sunday’s Kremlin Cup final as the young Russian tennis star continued his impressive form on home soil. Read Full Article at

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